NutriBullet versus Ninja

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In this video I put these two popular blenders to the test by blending the same ingredients in both of them for the same length of time. I believe the results are remarkable.


alexrivera03 says:

I got into juicing after seeing “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, lost 89 lbs, and my health has done a complete 180. The reason I also blend these days is that when I “drink” fruit I prefer it in a blended smoothie as opposed to pure juice. The reason is, when drinking sweets I want to keep the fiber so as to slow the absorption of the sugars and prevent an insulin and energy spike. But when I drink veggies, it’s my juicer all the way. I don’t want fiber slowing absorption of nutrients.

alexrivera03 says:

But with that said, they best way to “juice” is in a juicer. Don’t buy the baloney in the informercials that say you’re losing the “essential fiber”. The whole purpose of a real juicer (not a blender like NutriBullet/Vitamix/Ninja) is to extract fiber leaving only nutrients. Consider this: when I blend a 16 oz. smoothie in my Ninja Pulse I get 1/3 nutrients, 1/3 fiber and 1/3 water or ice that I have to add to get it moving. If I juice 16 oz. in my Breville juice fountain it’s 100% nutrients.

alexrivera03 says:

I disagree–the Ninja Pulse is great at “juicing” if you use the single-serve cups because you have the same “cyclonic blending” that you do in a NutriBullet with more watts (750 vs 600) so you get a better blend than the NB. If you try to “juice” in the ninja pulse with the regular 40 oz. pitcher (not the single serve) you will have results similar to this video. The reason is: when you try to “juice” in a container that’s not full, the ingredients exploit the empty space to stay unblended.

LadyLotus13 says:

i have the ninja pulse it sucks at juicing…it leaves everything chunky and nasty….not worth the money if you looking to mainly be using it as a “juicer” or using ever for that means…i’ve ordered the nutribullet…from what i’ve seen it is bound to be hella better then the ninja pulse…wish i could get my money back for that waste of counter space

liza negron says:

Gracias por el video y la informacion; estaba indecisa.

Mary Jane Jasper says:

Great video – thank you ! This helped so much.

SSSSSSandman says:

Great video. I wished you had this up during the month or two it took my to decide to get the Nutribullet. I too prefer it over ANYTHING else. But since I couldn’t find a great video like yours, I just took a chance (luckily I made the right choice). Your leftovers from the Ninja moved have been better if you didn’t (slightly) overfill the Nutribullet.

Only thing I wish the Ninja that I don’t have it the home made (healthy) ice cream.

Diana Abiraad says:

Thank you so much for making this video!!!I had been unsure what to buy until I saw your video. Thanks again!!!!!!! Will try your recipe also : )

EnergySupply2008 says:

You did an excellent job on this video. Thank You so much.

Freethinkers420 says:

the nutribullet kicks A**, but the tall cup is a little small. Im talking about going on a gallon a day green superfood juice fast. If they remake it, it should be a little wider and taller :)

Shelly Morrow says:

great video, i have both and found the same issue. Was thinking of doing the same video!
So glad you did. Great job

Musme says:

Question: Amazon reviews on Nutribullet claim it ends up dripping after, say, daily use for a couple of months. How long have you had yours and have yours been dripping? Thanks :)

alexrivera03 says:

I said in my last comment that the best bet to overcome the bad blend was the new ninja pulse since it had small cups like nutribullet which creates cyclonic movement. Well now ninja has the new, NEW, “mega ninja” with a 1500 watt (2 hp) motor. This should work fine on a half-full large pitcher.

Kommencentz says:

I was thinking the exact same thing, you should redo the experiment with the ninja full and the nutribullet half full and see what happens.

alexrivera03 says:

Try it with the Ninja full and I GUARANTEE it will be smoother. What’s happening is, the veg inside the Ninja are exploiting free space and the laws of physics to remain unblended. A $400 blender like Vitamix overcomes this problem through more wattage (or horsepower as they like to call it, 1 watt = 0.00134 HP). The NutriBullet overcomes this by providing a small container which is always full. Best Bet=The New Ninja Pulse. Small Cups like NutriBullet but more wattage so you get a better blend.

barepantrytalk says:

Hi rackboyz2012…Thanks for the feedback. I really love the Nutribullet too.

barepantrytalk says:

Hi will not regret getting this blender. Everything is so smooth in it.

barepantrytalk says:

Thanks djp311, I’m juggling this channel with the cooking channel, but I’ll try not to neglect this one.

rackboyz2012 says:

I tried the ninja and hated it. I tried the nutribullet and i love it! Great vid!

djpl311 says:

I was too lazy to compare my own blender (which is a lesser version than the Ninja) so I decided to youtube it as I do everything else. That was a really good video! Extremely helpful. The editing was great. Keep making videos :)

McTofujones says:

Thanks for a well done, and very helpful, video. If you were to do like that guy in the nutribullet infomercial, and pour both through strainers, it would really show the difference more. But still appreciate you showing the difference…saved me money and time.

robert blanks says:

I bought the nutribullet about a month ago and use it every day!! This thing is AWESOME!! Everything comes out super smooth and the clean up is SO easy (I mean it!!). If you’re on the fence about which one to get…this is the way to go. I used to juice -but man, that was such a waste as all the fiber is left behind. This way, 100% of your fruits and vegs are consumed. This thing even turns little flax seeds into powder NO PROBLEM.

Bel1zeanBeauty says:

I used it for the first time today and i loved the way my smoothie came out and es i love that it doesnt take up alot of counter space! thanks for helping me decide :)

kimbanyc says:

Wow. I have such a tiny kitchen, the NutriBullet looks to be perfect for me. And a single serving. Thank you for making this video.

barepantrytalk says:

Really worth it Bel1zeanBeauty…It gets used everyday while the Ninja takes up valuable counter space.

Bel1zeanBeauty says:

Im going to purchase the NutriBullet soon! I cant wait to make green smoothies :)

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