NutriBullet vs. Vitamix

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Pure Vitality ( is showing a side by side comparison of the NutriBullet and the Vitamix.


stelenes says:

Nutribullet is a better blender than a typical Walmart blender but has a tiny capacity. Investing & not having extra capacity is sad.

NutriBullet’s a phoney infomercial copying Vitamix return policy, book, etc. But then they go off the deep end with fake nutrition claims & saying nothing is like it and it’s not a blender ;-)

Vitamix: 37,000 RPMs &1,200W far more efficiently used than Blendtec.
NutriBullet: 10,000 RPMs & 600W (and we’re supposed to WOW it)
Walmart blender: 7,500 RPMs & 350W

otzey says:

these ladies sure are easy to watch, thinking about the bullet now :-)

getpurevitality says:

Thanks for suggesting the BlendTec. Yes, it works very much like a Vitamix. They are very similar high speed blenders. I will see about doing a comparison…

getpurevitality says:

The Ninja will not get it as smooth a texture as the Vitamix or NutriBullet.

patricsteele says:

Good comparison!The only other blender that comes really close to the vitamix in drink smoothness is the blendtec.The advantage of the blendtec with it’s small pitcher is it’s easier to clean than the vitamix because of it’s 2 prong propeller type blade.Any chance you can get a blendtec to test against the nutribullet? I think it would be an even closer comparison. Much Thanks.

sakichler says:

Great video! Have a question… are you familiar with the Ninja 1200 as well? They have the Ninja 1200 and Nutribullet at Kohl’s and was curious if you new about the Ninja… When making smoothies my main concern is to get a super smooth text with no gritty chunks or extra taste of seed crunch… but also it looks like the Ninja has other capabilies- i.e. dough making. Any thoughts between these two products?

Mark Rea says:

Cool video; I just got a 7500 Vitamix and love it. Nutribullet looks cool for fruits and vegetables, but probably not for soups, but butters, etc. Thx 4 sharing!

Pamela Eliowitz says:

Excellent job, thanks so much. This helped me make a final decision.

Margerita55 says:

Thank you great review

David Trinh says:

Thanks for the review. How long did you run the machine for? Have you tried making ice cream with it?  Can it crush ice into snow?

pinaopina says:

[iminent=zf4uNBgUWfOB] nutribullet rocks

gen lee says:

Nutribullet is definitely more portable and less expensive. I got one yesteday and it works well.

getpurevitality says:

We have tested it with green smoothies as well and found it does a great job. Even goji berries were totally ground up in the Nutri-Bullet. It certainly works better than a typical blender.

xnailpolishloverx says:

Do a green smoothie test to see if all the greens get broken down in the NutriBullet.

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