Rich Roll Post-Workout Smoothie Vitamix

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Rich Roll fires up the Vitamix for this power packed post-workout smoothie. Directed and edited by Romain Fournier. For more of Rich’s pre & post-workout Vitamix smoothies, as well as a ton of plantstrong recipes, check out & download Rich’s JAI SEED vegan e-cookbook – only $9.99


Quick2000 says:

Thank You!

decypher3 says:

I used to feel the exact same way as you, but if you compare this to eating meat – steak, chicken, beef, even fish and the like it is actually CHEAPER. And when compared to eating at restaurants (even fast food joints) it is FAR cheaper. We started eating this way and STOPPED buying steak and chicken and ground beef – and we stopped going out to eat because there are no “vegan” restaurants where I live – and we are saving a shit ton of money and all my clothes are loose!

stevedtucker says:

Love the look on the dudes face at 3:26. Maybe green smoothies are an acquired taste? I still think they’re awesome.

breando1 says:

I was a bit stunned when you added the processed apple juice.

peterdaniel66 says:

Actually, eating this way is extremely cheap. You are getting extreme nutrition and as such, your body won’t need as much. Also, if you factor in the health costs, its very cheap. When I was unemployed, this is how I started. Didn’t need anything other than a vita mix. I don’t need to worry about what I am eating or where to go.  I walked to the grocery store and bought stuff in bulk. Very very cheap but extremely nutritious

jammatoonarmy says:

a plant based diet is the cheepest way to eat! :) ~ how much are grains, seeds and potatos?? have i look at the youtube channel ‘headveg’ …youtube /user/headveg?ob=0

Quick2000 says:

That is just One drink, therefore must be an extremely EXPENSIVE way to eat! Health yes of course but who can afford this for one person let alone a whole family of four? Maybe in my next life!

71whitey says:

the chick in the background dodges this stuff

david42018 says:

no kidding!

isforbliss says:

@LucumaPrincess lol @ when he tried to get the pear seeds out and just gives up and throws them in

LucumaPrincess says:

Great to see you’re promoting vegan food but this looks seriously disgusting. Those things don’t combine well for digestion at all. Purified water… from a plastic bottle? Oil, avocado, seeds, fruit, greens, wtf?

Jenny1954 says:

Buddy, all was good until you added the PROCESSED applejuice. It wasn’t necessary. Water would have been enough.

Sh1ntoe says:

That kale looks a lot like parsley…

dieeineEla says:

what’s that song called??? By the way: looks delicious :) )

FullBellyFitness says:

This looks horrid. Look at your friend’s face trying it. Those foods don’t mix well digestively. If you’re trying to sell vega, this isn’t going to help. Glad you’re helping the vegan cause though. Much love.

sedumbean says:

$20 dollars later….

SteveSteves11 says:

no homo… but i love your rich roll!

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